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Eşmen Fidancılık Profile

Founded by Nazmi Eşmen in 1998 in Pamukova District of Sakarya, our company continues its activities under the title of “Eşmen Fidancılık”.

Nazmi Eşmen started sapling cultivation in the Özbek Village of Pamukova and made significant contributions to the development of the village. Currently, leafy, coniferous and shrub saplings are produced in Cihadiye and Hayrettin villages.

At the fair, which is open 365 days, with more than 100 producers within our production facility located in Pamukova district of Sakarya province and SAKARYABİR (Sakarya Ornamental Plants Breeding) located in Sapanca district, we promote our products and introduce innovative products that comply with ecological conditions within the nursery sector and offer quality service to their customers. It has a company identity.

Our company continues its production and sales activities under the name “Eşmen Fidancılık” in Cihadiye Village of Pamukova, with modern technology equipment and teams with many years of cultivation knowledge and experience.

Our company, which offers quality and qualified products to its customers throughout Turkey by creating a wide product range with innovations in its production facilities every year, continues to be the solution point for public institutions and private enterprises.