Known for his extensive experience in cultivating young trees, Eşmen Fidancılık continues to contribute to the country’s economic growth with his ever-expanding facilities. The company’s extensive production footprint and technical expertise have positioned it as a top choice for those seeking advanced horticultural solutions. Eşmen Fidancılık integrates the latest technologies with new generation techniques to meet contemporary demands in his field.

Creating a Horticultural Revolution with Eşmen Fidancılık: Pioneers in Gardening Services and Seed Production

The basis of Eşmen Fidancılık’s success lies in its strong infrastructure in cultivating saplings. The company is an expert in interpreting and using data thanks to its core knowledge and skills. He identifies problems correctly, produces professional plans and projects, and continually invests in next-generation technology to bring his wealth of knowledge into the modern era.

Turkey, which is the gene center of many cultivated plants, has a long history of variety development, resulting in many registered varieties that have production permits. The country’s diverse climatic and soil conditions are ideal for growing a wide variety of fruit species. Taking advantage of these natural advantages, Eşmen Fidancılık grows various species and varieties that are attractive to both domestic and international markets.

Eşmen Fidancılık has applied innovative techniques such as the use of dwarf rootstocks, dense planting and the application of new irrigation and fertilization methods in recent orchard and vineyard development work. These developments not only increased fruit production, but also encouraged farmers to establish new orchards, renew old orchards, and adopt new rootstocks and varieties. The transition from manual farming to mechanized farming in vineyards and horticulture encouraged the creation of larger commercial plantations and emphasized the importance of selecting the right rootstocks and varieties for a business’s various products.

As the number of new orchards and vineyard facilities increases across the country, the demand for quality fruit and vineyard seeds increases every year. Meeting these needs requires a well-structured plan for seed production and distribution. Eşmen Fidancılık ensures that all its products are healthy, efficient and long-lasting with advanced technology and extensive production experience. As a trusted partner in the field of horticulture, the company continues to offer expert solutions in the fields of arboriculture, fruit, landscape products and flower species.